a hero in the baking

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness kneaded into them in the small hours of this morning.


Real bread has humble beginnings, using just four simple ingredients – flour, water, sea salt and time.

For us at Bakergirl, it’s all about the slow.

We are passionate about leaving our breads to rise in their own time, so they are better for you and we use no artificial flavours or additives.

The Matthews flour we use is local to us in Oxfordshire as are many of our seasonal fresh ingredients.

We knead and shape all our breads by hand - from our sourdoughs and specialty breads, through to farmhouse tins and croissants.

From humble beginnings we believe, greatness comes.

Hang out

You can take away our Bakergirl breads, pastries, scones and buns – or you can stay a while, eat in and relax with our house roast coffee or loose-leaf teas, in our refurbished 200 year old barn. We take our coffee as seriously as our bread, with each one created for you from our wood-roasted artisan coffee on our La Marzocco.

Bakergirl is more than just a bakery, so why not stop and soak up the surroundings.

Our Story

Having moved out of London several years ago, we couldn’t find any real bread in the area, something we took for granted living in the city. So we started to make our own.

A chance course with an artisan baker became the lightbulb moment, from which all foundations were built and once we were on the path, there was no stopping us. Inspired by the amazing work of the Real Bread campaign and encouraged by friends and neighbours, before we knew it, we were baking to order.

We established our micro home bakery and catered for an ever-expanding list of loyal customers who bought our breads every week. The crazy hours, tiny oven, the search for the best ingredients, obsessing over baking techniques on YouTube all helped on a journey honing our breadmaking skills.

Despite a complete career change, the passion didn’t waiver and here we are making the leap – bringing Bakergirl to life in its own bakehouse.

EventsFrom time to time we will hold events and classes at Bakergirl, details of which we will post.

From time to time we will hold events and classes at Bakergirl, details of which we will post.

Out of our normal opening hours we are available for corporate hire and have plenty of space.

Corporate offsites/Networking events/Private hire/Product and PR launches/Photography location/Reception.

We can offer packages to include local freshly made quality refreshments - and even include baking classes as Team Building, if required.

Please fill in the form for more details.

We need to know your name so we know what to call you!
We need a valid email with which to get back to you.
Let us know what you’ve got in mind.


Find us

The Granary
Wykham Park Farm
Wykham Lane
Banbury Oxfordshire
OX16 9UP

01295 257 456


Wed - Fri: 9am – 4pm
Sat: 9am – 3pm

Our love of fine things has led us to meet some amazing people and products along the way and some of those we have encountered have gone above and beyond to help us in our goal to bring Bakergirl to life in its own bakehouse. In the same way we strive to bake the best breads, we also seek out the best products, design and craftsmanship. We have curated some excellent products which we truly believe in, and we want to acknowledge them here.